AI Project & Community Coordinator

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an AI Project & Community Coordinator for the group Data & Insights team. And we believe that you are the right person.

Because We Need,

 a storyteller and project manager with the ability to build strong connections with colleagues. Someone with strong affinity with AI and innovation.
You’ve started daydreaming upon this? Then please read on carefully, because it only gets better!

Here’s a Summary of What the Job Entails:

As an AI Project and Community Coordinator, you will play a key role in accelerating the adoption of AI within the Mediahuis Group. In order to achieve this objective, you will work closely together with the Business Partner AI and the data science team.

  • You will build and maintain an AI-community within the Mediahuis Group. The purpose is to get “the early adaptors” and “first movers” on your radar. Since you are a champion in making connections, you know where to find and how to engage your peers within the organization;
  • You will support the roll-out of the AI program within Mediahuis;
  • In order to roll out the AI-program and build the community you will organize workshops, inspiration & brainstorm sessions, summits, talks,…
  • You collaborate with business stakeholders to identify and prioritize AI use cases based on strategic goals taking into account the needs of the various countries;
  • You stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in data science, Machine Learning and AI technologies;
  • You know what is going on in terms of AI both on local and group level. You support the development of local initiatives into scalable products or services;
  • You collaborate closely with your colleagues within the data & insights domain;
  • You maintain an overview of the different projects within the data & insights domain and implement a “pragmatic project governance”;  
  • You follow up on building MVP’s and PoC’s in close collaboration with the different technology colleagues to quickly evaluate the benefits of the use of AI in a specific use case;
  • You take initiative to share insights and knowledge between colleagues and stakeholders. You’re actively looking for examples of other companies that were successful and analysing how this can be implemented within Mediahuis.

What’s About to Become Your Second Home?

You will join the Data & Insights team, a talented group of data professionals that translates data into insights and data-driven solutions to support our entire organization.

What’s on Your CV,

is important but is by no means the only thing we attach importance to. You are someone who distinguishes yourself by your strong storytelling and community building skills. someone who understands the dynamics within the organisation and acts/communicates accordingly.

To feel comfortable in the role, the following skills and experiences may help though:

  • You have excellent stakeholder management abilities;
  • You have strong communication and presentation skills to effectively convey complex concepts to non-technical stakeholders;
  • You have the ability to work collaboratively in cross-functional teams and lead projects from inception to completion.
  • You have strong analytical skills. Although we don’t expect you to build models or algorithms we do expect you to have a good understanding of (generative) AI and its opportunities, constraints and risks.

What Do You Get in Return?

Just as we believe in the uniqueness of all our brands, we also believe in the uniqueness and personality of all our people. At Mediahuis it is not merely about your job, but also about your growth and career opportunities. In addition to the basics (a good salary, fringe benefits, etc.) we mainly focus on a pleasant work environment, flexible work arrangements (teleworking, flexible hours) and continuous training opportunities. Mediahuis is more than an employer, just as you are more than the words on your CV. Further information about our benefits and way of working can be found here. You can get an idea of our company culture and atmosphere on various social media channels.

It’s up to You Now!

Will you take your chance or continue to daydream? If the position of AI Project & Community Coordinator seems to fit you like a glove, please don't hesitate to apply via the button below. Getting acquainted can't hurt. 

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