People & Process Manager

Mediahuis Is Looking for ... 

a People and process manager.  And we believe that you are the right person.

Because We Need,

a highly motivated person with good communication skills.  
You’ve started daydreaming upon this? Then please read on carefully, because it only gets better!

Here’s a Summary of What the Job Entails:

To be able to excel in your position, we offer you a clear understanding of your responsibilities:

  • You manage, optimize, and align the governance processes for project management, service management, architecture, and coaching within the Publishing & Monetization domain in line with the TPS governance frameworks;
  • You lead all colleagues active in project management, architecture & coaching inside the Publishing & Monetization domain;
  • You provide guidance and support to project managers, service providers, architects, and coaches to ensure compliance with TPS governance frameworks;
  • You facilitate communication and collaboration among relevant stakeholders within Publishing & Monetization domains;
  • You guard the application of policies, procedures and best practices within Publishing & Monetization to ensure consistency and efficiency in project delivery, service management, architectural design and coaching methodologies.

What’s About to Become Your Second Home?

You will be working at TPS, Mediahuis' International IT & data department, in our Publishing & Monetization Domain. More specifically, you will collaborate with various teams, departments, and community members to ensure the alignment and effectiveness of the applied governance frameworks and community initiatives within our Publishing & Monetization domain.
Together, we'll strive to manage and enhance organizational processes that support our company's goals and values.

What’s on Your CV,

is important but is by no means the only thing we attach importance to. Your proactive approach, problem-solving skills and ability to work collaboratively, are even more crucial. We do expect you to have the right experience however, so that youcan feel perfectly at home in your new job:  

  • You empower your teams, you initiate and stimulate community building and you manage the team capacity; 
  • You can foster collaboration with stakeholders to ensure a shared understanding and commitment; 
  • You are responsible for the agile enablement inside the team; 
  • You act as a project manager for assigned initiatives; 
  • You possess the aptitude to identify and leverage distinctive opportunities that set Mediahuis apart in the competitive landscape. 

What Do You Get in Return?

Just as we believe in the uniqueness of all our brands, we also believe in the uniqueness and personality of all our people. At Mediahuis it is not merely about your job, but also about your growth and career opportunities. In addition to the basics (a good salary, fringe benefits, etc.) we mainly focus on apleasant work environment,flexible work arrangements (teleworking, flexible hours), and continuous training opportunities. Mediahuis is more than an employer, just as you are more than the words on your CV. Further information about our assets can be found here. You can get an idea of our company culture and atmosphere on various social media channels. 

It’s up to You Now!

Will you take your chance or continue to daydream? If the position of People & Process Manager seems to fit you like a glove, please don’t hesitate to apply via the button below. Getting acquainted can’t hurt.

You don’t fully match this profile, but are motivated to take the next step in your career? Come talk to us!

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