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Business Partner | future way of working for the group Shared Services domain. And we believe you are the right person.

Because we need,

a visionary innovator to shape the future of our workplace and the way we work together.
You’ve started daydreaming upon this? Then please read on carefully, because it only gets better!

Here’s a summary of what the job entails: 

As a Business Partner, you will serve as a liaison between the local HR departments and TPS, our technology organization. You will actively promote and implement new ways of working side by side with HR stakeholders cross country.

  • You will lead initiatives to digitize the way of working within Mediahuis and optimize processes such as onboarding, training/learning, performance management and team collaboration – using the latest tooling and best practices;

  • You collaborate with HR stakeholders to identify strategic priorities and develop alignment strategies based on the group’s vision and long-term objectives;

  • You will manage the implementation of future way of working projects together with cross-functional teams. You define project scopes, timelines, and resource requirements and ensure successful deployment and integration of future way of working solutions into existing systems and processes;

  • You connect with local HR directors & legal departments to make sure that all local legal requirements are met when deciding on group solutions and during the implementation;

  • You collaborate with HR & business leaders, technology teams and other stakeholders to facilitate the adoption of group solutions;

  • You stay up to date on the latest developments & advancements on future way of working such as collaboration tooling, learning technology, team communication,... ;

  • You manage relationships with technology vendors and service providers to support HR functions;

  • You take initiatives to share insights, knowledge between colleagues and stakeholders;

What’s about to become your second home?

You will join TPSMediahuis' International IT & data department, where passion, innovation and customer focus come together in the dynamic media landscape. At TPS, your contributions will directly impact the experiences of millions of readers.

What’s on your CV,

is important but is by no means the only thing we attach importance to. You are someone who distinguishes yourself by your strong connecting skills. You are an outstanding communicator and team player across organizations.

To feel comfortable in the role, the following skills and experiences may help though: 

  • You have a strong understanding of HR Information systems & software solutions, HR alignment over different countries, HR tooling; 

  • You have the ability to align HR initiatives with business objectives; 

  • You are familiar with HR data management & people analytics; 

  • You have skills in adopting and integrating digital solutions across organizations; 

  • You understand business and technology trends and their impact on HR strategies; 

  • You have a proven track record of successfully delivering HR and/or other technology.

What do you get in return?

Just as we believe in the uniqueness of all our brands, we also believe in the uniqueness and personality of all our people. At Mediahuis it is not merely about your job, but also about your growth and career opportunities. In addition to the basics (a good salary, fringe benefits, etc.) we mainly focus on a pleasant work environmentflexible work arrangements(teleworking, flexible hours) and continuous training opportunities. Mediahuis is more than an employer, just as you are more than the words on your CV. Further information about our assets can be found here. You can get an idea of our company culture and atmosphere on various social media channels. 

It’s up to you now!

Will you take your chance or continue to daydream? If the position of Business Partner future way of working seems to fit you like a glove, please don’t hesitate to apply via the button below. Getting acquainted can’t hurt.

You don’t fully match this profile, but are motivated to take the next step in your career? Come talk to us!

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